Run 197 – Ogarite

Just after the Wimbledon Men´s Final had finished this afternoon, the BBC ran a promotion for their forthcoming coverage of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. It featured cartoons of exotic rain-forest animals such as jaguars and tapirs, who were depicted in an anthropomorphic way, that humanised them, so that they became runners on their marks, or throwers in the circle!

That famous author, Anna Sewell also used anthropomorphism to depict the heroes and heroines of her book. Apparently she also called upon verisimilitude to make it plausible to the reader, that these animals could have these human characteristics.

On the hash today, after we had wandered down some ramblas; through sleepy hamlets and by countless almond trees, that nestled on an undulating plateau within the Sierra de la Filabres, we came across Anna Sewell´s main hero, sometimes known as Old Crony, Darkie, Black Auster, Jack or Blackie, but for those lucky enough to see him today, and Puff took the photos to prove it. It was Black Beauty!

Link to Puff’s Pics