Run 191- Rambla de Oria

Thr normally sleepy and quiet Rambla de Oria was rudely awakened this Sunday morning when dozens of hashers and their dogs arrived.

Rambla de Oria April 2016

The starting point was Angelita’s Bar where the coffee machine coughed and spluttered its way through a rude awakening and the terrace groaned under the weight of two-legs and four-legs keen to get going. The dogs did a good job of waking up the neighbourhood, while the bar’s cockerels made their presence known at full volujme too.

The IndaloH3 numbers were bolstered somewhat with seven visitors from Cambridge (part of the Mojacar invasion) and a number of virgins.

The walk took hashers through the village and down the rambla, passed a lesser known plant – a hybrid of a car and prickly pear – before heading back to the start point for the circle.


  • First in the middle for a down-down were the hares: Norman Bates and Puff TheMagicDragon. The hash was deemd rubbish as is tradition and the singing commenced.
  • Carpet Burns, Strapon and Not a Full Shilling – for playing games on the hash.
  • Can’t Cum Try Again – not knowing her left from her right.
  • Pedro received punishment for two offenses – Ignoring hash markings and being a FRB for his 20 seconds in the sun
  • Strapon was back in again for pretending to be a FRB
  • KeyFob, Over Defence and El Rave received a group down-down for emereging from a bush – menage a trois
  • Carpet Burns was pulled back in for announcing her future plans… or rather her determination not to have any.
  • El Rave again for naivety and vulnerability to QueenFisher. He’d lost ten pounds using his new bit of wrist kit… but because it had cost him 80, he’d been had.
  • Half a dozen virgins were welcomed. However, a couple of those declared that they were only virgins in Spain. Some people will do anything for free beer.
  • A representative group of walkers was pulled in for leaving a solitary can next to the beer stop for the runners to dispose of. Slot Machine owned up – but others were happy to share her punishment.
  • Caroet Burns, Can’t Cum Try Again and WAG were brought in for multitasking… running AND talking
  • Finally Carpet Burns (who spent more time in the circle than out of it) was brought in with Bengazi (haven’t a clue how you spell that!) under claims of intimidation.
  • Those that watered the campo – you know who you are…. you won’t be safe every time!


  • The Cambridge crew will be in Mojacar for the next week or two and an extra hash has been organised while they’re here. It takes place in Lubrin – usual meeting place at the top of the hill I’m guessing. It should be a corker of a hash… especially as it’s fiesta that day. Everyone welcome!

Thank yous and acknowledgements

  • Thanks to Angelitas Bar for the morning coffees
  • Thanks to Pedro’s Bar for the tapas and drinks after tha hash
  • Thanks to visitors and virgins for swelling the ranks
  • Thanks to Puff for the hash photos – click HERE to view
  • Thanks to Two Ats for being an entertaining RA as always
  • Thanks to KeyFob and Bog Trotter for organising the register and hash cash.
  • Thanks to the Hares for a super hash
  • Thanks to everyone who took part

On On!

Slot Machine