Run 181 – Guarducha

2Ats has finally stopped playing with PricklyTits and got on with the write up for R*N 181

Lo siento-here goes.

This write-up is rather tardy mainly because you can never expect it be done timeously when both Prickly and 2hats agreed to do it. We adopted the after you approach. Then as the deadlines started to slip Prickly decided to prioritise her thinking time to preparing for a speech she delivered last Wed at a law conference in London. I mean talk about getting your priorities right. I think we need to review our vetting procedures for hash membership. Anyway the last hash started on a fairly poco frio morning. One hasher reported 1 degree temperature when he left home for the hash. We wondered why Big Nuts felt it so keenly. Just saying. Our pre-hash coffee was consumed indoors and not just by the Southern Softies.

The 2hares CB and CCWC(I think) had set up the trail and with a brisk intro. off we went.

At the circle the usual down-downs were administered. Key fob easily won the FRB award primarily to prove that he was not hungover unlike the previous hash. Despite almost clear instructions the Walkers managed to lose the trail and the plot with resulting anarchy and walked about in different directions. One of the hash resident dogs happens to be a hashhound and was very adept at sniffing out the trail. The hares did a very good job of top and tailing the runners with accompanying comments like I’m sure we put markings here where none were visible. Due to lack of rain in the area a number of hashers demonstrated a remarkable Eco-friendly attitude by generously watering the campo. And also an unusual degree of honesty and integrity by owning up to their activities. For some obscure reason Prickly and 2hats were accused of taking olive-pressing to a new level.

After much ado about nothing we all enjoyed good food and refreshments sitting in by this time the warm Spanish sun. The hashers were brought back to reality when mention was made of the Hash/Splash in January but the forthcoming Christmas bash was eagerly awaited.

Is this sufficiente.


Link to Puff’s hash pics