Run 174 – Partaloa

After an excellent Hash led by hares CB and Cant Cum, the remnants of the equally excellent On After at the Partaloa Plaza Bar, were arguing about who should be acting Hash Scribe, to do the write up.

Norman thought that the fairest way, was to do some Flee Fli Flo Bang, to eliminate all but two contenders, followed by some Sis Pap Brick, to determine the Scribe! Non Cents had already fallen asleep by this time, but Puff, Graham and Big Nuts, told Norman to shut up and get on with it.

Norman then desperately tried to persuade a bloke at the bar who claimed to actually be a writer, to do it, and he said he would too, but nobody believed him.

Puff said, “Come on Norman, you can think of something! Tell them about the geomorphic ‘partaloas’ of Partaloa, or about the big kids playing on the exercise equipment. Tell them about the amazing views you could have seen from the viewing platform, if it had not been so hazy! You only need to write a couple of hundred words”.

Reluctantly, Norman agreed.

It was really very interesting when a dozen Hashers and dog assembled at the ………… (200 words) that’s your lot!

Hash photos