Run 173 – Fines

Another hot day dawned as the Indalo Hash House Harriers arrived in Fines for a run led by the Hares, Norman Bates and Puff TheMagicDragon.

Everyone met at El Aquelarre (translates to: The Coven) where we were given a warm welcome and dozens of coffees were consumed before the circle was formed and the hash commenced. Puff led the runners and Norman led the walkers. The walk took us through the town and then the campo, bordered on one side by dramatic cliffs.

Although the walkers were quietly appreciating their surroundings, the runners decided to make up for it with whistleblowing and shouting as they followed their route. Noisy beggars!

Part of the route took the hashers along the old railway track which is now bedecked with grape vine pergolas, soe bushes and marble sculptures. Norman Bates explained that artists all over the world were each given a piece of marble and asked to transform them into something that represented Spain.

The two groups met up at the fuente where there was some welcome shade… giving the hashers a chance to top up their energy levels and fire abuse in all directions.

The closing circle was formed and the two hares thanked before the RA, Two Hats, began to dish out the punishments for various misdemeanours. First up was Slot Machine for car sharing and voyeurism, promptly followed by a dodgy rendition of “A Finger of Fudge”. It is confirmed that she was not the lad holding a conker in the 1970’s advert for the popular chocolate bar (other chocolate bars are available). It would seem that it was “Pick on Slot Machine Day” though, as she was still not permitted to leave the circle until Norman Bates had performed his little boogie to demonstrate SM’s full enjoyment of 1990’s dancing.

Finally Slot Machine escaped and it was time for R Soggler and Over de Fence to receive birthday drinks and celebrations. The event was even marked with a tot of cava for everyone to celebrate their joint age of 143. WAG and Over de Fence were punished for exchanging fluids on the hash while Bog Trotter stayed true to form and received her down-down for watering the campo. Screw on the Loose was once again crowned FRB just before Carpet Burns, Can’t Cum Try Again and Puff received down-downs for indulging in discriminatory behaviour before the hash.

Petal, despite his sterling role as Beer Meister was noted for his “tight nuts and flat rear end”.

Three virgins (Justine, Phil and Alex) were welcomed, but one was also christened. Alex will now be formally known as Alice. Who the f… … …

After much hilarity it was back to El Aquelarre for more drinks, chats and food. We were well cared for by Tania Martínez Chacón and her team. Tapas were beautifully presented on slate with hashers opting for tuna, pork loin, chicken goujons, pork topped with crispy onions and more. The food was excellent and the service even more so. To keep abreast of future events and news at El Aquelarre, join Tania on Facebook HERE or telephone 627 829 088. Tania is certainly dedicated to her business… she even has the name of the bar tattooed on her forearm.

Photos of the hash are viewable HERE