Run 170 – Bar Remedios, Los Cerricos

Coinciding with the 10th Regional and Local elections, the 170th IH3 hash took place on Sunday the 24th of May. I only hope that the hash turn out was not a reflection of the electoral turn out. We did however manage to achieve a runners turn out of over 50% giving an overall swing to the right for those that do of 15% . If this trend continues it’s likely to cause a major upset in the future make up of this predominantly sedentary group of hashers.

The walkers led by BogTrotter set off from the bar a little after 11am having failed to take account of the fact that Stripper and Ingeborg had not arrived. ( apparently Ingeborg always comes late) A missed naming opportunity there. Meanwhile the runners headed back to where the cars were parked to begin the hash proper. OK so the Hare KeyFOB lied the start was not at the bar as advertised.

The trail marking was exceedingly good ( Mr Kipling springs to mind), for which a down down was received for excessive use of flour.

Despite the bright sunshine a cold wind kept the temperature down but not the spirit of the two virgin hashers Owen and his Mum Danielle. The constant cry of “Owen! wait for the rest!”. Either says a lot for the exuberance of youth or that we are geriatrics pretending we can run. Oh! to be 7 again. Although 2Hats ( suprisingly hatless on this occasion) took on the guise of the Child Catcher in the circle and frightened the …t out of Owen when attempting to name him. Fortunately this being a polling day it was deemed proper that Mum could act as proxy (another naming missed there Proxy Mum). Owen now known as Spread Eagle rejoined the circle albeit avoiding 2Hats.
We were again songless due to the fact that the choir mistress was incapacitated, although she had made provision to minimise the effect of her absence by giving the song sheets to the Beer Miester. Men don’t multi task so it was either beer or songs. No contest.

And on to the On After in Bar Remedios. All in all a very pleasant day.

Short write up for a short hash.

Hasta the next one.

Key Fob