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Are You ? – Question yelled by Hashers to determine if you are on trail. You respond with “Checking”, “On-On”, “Looking” or “Lost”.

Checking – A Hasher who has reached a check point and is looking for the correct trail. A response to “Are You?” assuming that is what you are doing.

Check Point – A circle indicating more than one possible trail. Only one will be correct.

False Trail – A mark usually an X , that tells the pack the trail is false and to back check on the trail they’ve been running.

Hare: hasher who lays the trail

Hare’s Arrow – An arrow which indicates that you are definitely on trail.

Harrier: a male hasher

Harriette: female hasher

Hash Cash – The Hash embezzler, responsible for skimming money from the Hashers who turn up. Treasurer of the Hash.

Hash Name – Your parents had no idea what they were doing when they named you. The Hash will fix that. A Hash Name is a fond nickname bestowed upon a Hasher after a certain number of runs, on special occasions or when the Hasher has done something so absurdly stupid that the Hash couldn’t wait to name them. It is considered bad form to call a Hasher by another name whilst at the Hash. Of course if your parents gave you a really embarrassing name like Archibold or Cuthbert you might keep that as your hash name. * Note : Don’t be too eager to get a Hash Name.

On In – The end of the trail.

On On – Shouted to encourage other hashers by indicating that you are on a true trail. The usual response to “Are You?”

Virgin -You, if you’re reading this. A first time Hasher.

This is a very basic glossary – larger ones abound on the web. Have a look here