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Where are they held?
A hash can take place virtually anywhere, at the suggestion of one or more members.

What does it cost?
Just a few euros contributed to the hash (typically two) covers the cost of drinks & nibbles, and any overheads that may have been incurred. A hash group is non-profit making and the organizing is done on a purely voluntary basis.

What if it’s raining?
Don’t be such a wimp!

Are children welcome?
Yes you can bring your children, and dogs on a lead (or the other way round if you prefer). However, sometimes the banter can be of an adult nature although we try to behave if youngsters are about.

What’s needed to hash?
A decent pair of trainers and whatever clothing suits the weather on the day, but more importantly, a sense of humour and a thirst!

What if I don’t drink beer?
Although beer is traditional at a hash, it’s not compulsory, let us know what alternative you’d like, and we’ll sympathise with you!

I’m getting on a bit.
Oh dear, you poor old git! Listen, the average age of the six founder members of our hash is well over sixty. You, could of course, sit out your life in your old rocking chair, or, you could join in and grow old disgracefully, like us. It’s your choice!

I’m not a good runner.

Ha, that’s what they all say! However, if you can walk at a reasonable pace and maybe break into a jog now and again (just on the easy bits that is) you’ll be fine. There are a number of members who prefer to stroll the route so you won’t be alone if you prefer things at a slower pace.